A Sustainability Urban Community Development Project

We are committed to pioneering the transition to net zero by creating buildings, infrastructure, and systems that reduce energy use, produce clean energy and offset omissions.

About Us

Welcome to the African Creative City, a sustainable urban community development project located at Agonrin Sea Beach, Badagry West LCDA, Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria. Our world-class creative city offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, tourism, and luxury diaspora residential villas. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary cutting-edge innovative, ecological, sustainable green city where you can live, work and play…

We aimed at achieving two objectives:

Sustainable Future

Pioneering the creation of sustainable smart cities in West Africa with the objective of achieving a sustainable future

Reconnect African Descendant

The Project seeks to reconnect African descendants worldwide back to their roots for those who have chosen to embrace Africa culture



The African Creative City aims to reduce energy consumption through design strategies and construction, resulting in buildings that use less than 40% of the energy and water compared to conventional buildings…..

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African Creative City A Sustainability Urban Community Development Project